لوگوی تجارت گستر زانا

Clearance is a specialty and significant issue for many reasons 

- As the manufacturing companies attach much importance to planning manufacture, preventing shortage in raw materials stock and in production output and updating their orders on the one hand, and monitoring on timely delivery and clearance of raw materials and spare parts from customs, any delay in which could be harmful to objectives and planning of the company

- Business concerns, too, follow specific scheduling to supply their customer’s orders which calls for great attention to ensure effective and sustainable relations with the latter

-  Regretfully, non-attention to the issue of clearance as a specialty has resulted in bottlenecks in this process

- Given Tejarat Gostar Zana Company’s taking benefit from its highly competent, expert and devoted staff, our Company is able to provide updated, specialized strategies dealing with imports (from purchasing and delivering up to presenting daily, well-documented reports)

- To materialize our objectives mentioned above while following up our customer-oriented services, we have bound ourselves to presentation of modern services and executive strategies, management and settlement affairs by providing consultation in the shortest time and with best quality

Our services in the field of customs are outlined below